Additional calculation parameters

In this section, you will learn which additional parameters you can specify for the calculation of a part.

In addition to the drop down menu for material groups, semi-finished products and surface treatments and the sliders for cost factors which you use to specify the parameters for each individual calculation of a part, you can make adjustments to the display and calculation parameters in the classmate CLOUD settings which apply to all calculations globally.

In the classmate CLOUD settings, in the Display section, you can specify a currency and decide between metric and imperial units for your calculations and adjust the display of the sample models and the models calculations are performed in the selection. In the section Calculation factor you define a profit per part in percent which applies to all calculations globally. In the additional sections of the settings, you can change the individual items in the lists of the available machines, material groups, semi-finished products, surface treatments, and their parameters (e.g. prices).